Friday, August 16, 2013

'Absolute' Envy, Anyone?


I hear a lot about this 'absolute' on Buddhist forums and in Buddhist discourse.

What is it?

Is it something we can believe in, something to console us? (an 'absolute' that can fit inside the human head....hmmmm, sounds small)

Is it something we can comprehend at all? (graspable by our very limited sense organs and consciousness....hmmmm again)

Is it just a vague notion? (recognising that may be some sort of start at least methinks....)

Is it what Buddhist doctrine refers to as shunyata? (I'm inclined to think our own spurious notion might be better than someone else's)

Can we 'know' it? If so, how?

Is it something we can be convinced of, or is it something that requires us to unconvince ourselves?

Please say whatever you want (preferably nicely, or nice-ish at least) because, don't worry, you won't convince me:

I might run an 'absolute envy' competition to determine if yours is bigger than mine however.


an3drew said...

harry the box is your inability to objectively test wether you are wrong and admit it!

I see endless people like you in zen who claim to sit (some time for self reflection and contemplation) , but are without the slightest realism in self awareness !

what is going wrong ?

Harry said...

Hi Andrew,

In my experience thus far, being continually wrong seems to be a better friend than being convinced, or taking other people's piss-weak word for it (especially people who cannot produce anything in the least bit convincing, or even resonantly unsettling... i.e. you).

I am not 'in zen'. That straw man is your very own (while we're talking about self awareness). Zen seems to me (and this appears to me to be true in your case) to be more often somewhat of an enduring cultural mistake, a fluffy philosophical dead end. When I say 'zen' there I mean the whole raft of dubiously held strands of various literary traditions, cultural traits, and enduring practices, that we look at in our ethnocentric ways here in the west putting 2 and 2 together to make 5. There is no one 'zen' to start with even to begin with.

Despite yearning to be right all the time I can acknowledge this all on my own without some dubious referee (such as yourself... we have our own inbuilt dubious referees!) who doesn't seem to know his arse from his elbow (or his manner of speaking to people from the dark hole of his 'absolute') when it comes to 'self awareness'. So, that's where I'm coming from.

Dear old Mike Cross is an expert in right and wrong, that is, he faces and works his own wrongness (and I'm sure he still fucks up. Idealism to the contrary, some craving for a perfect 'rightness' may be the worst sort of wrongness for us cracked plates). If you could restrain yourself from coming across like such an ass you could probably have a good, sincere conversation with him about it. He has worked the territory and, like me, I suspect you could learn much from him about your own being wrong. Sincerity is really a prerequisite; iconoclastic neo-'zen' bullshit will only take us so far, as Mike has noted in the past I think.



an3drew said...

would you mind saying if or how much you sit?

it's just sorta interesting that you seem to almost completely missing a dimension of reflection that despite all your bravado will be apparent to most people who know you !

i'm not beating you up, but really it is of interest and since you are a dogen-o-phile ought to be something you can talk about !

maybe your thoughts on sitting as well :o)

i quite like the phrase "dubious referee" : o)

Harry said...

Hi Andrew,

Your aggressive/offensive approach means that I don't want to tell you anything at all as you will likely use it at ammunition against me in one of your tirades.

That's just an example of how your self indulgent style of correspondence might inhibit dialogue. And, clearly, I don't really value your opinion that much. When you start saying things of interest and coming across less of a slap-happy douche with serious interpersonal power issues then I might be inclined to have some sort of reasonable discussion with you.



an3drew said...

harry, it's just so basic that we have to go deliberately into the areas of what hurts us, but you don't accept that and there you will stay, the wrong side of the glass wall :o(